Best Walking and Hiking tools for your Doberman

Do you want to improve your dog walking experience, or do you want to exercise your dog at night, also do you want to give your friends a big surprise as a gift, this is the right dog leash you should try! It's also great for jogging, running, camping and hiking, enjoy a good time with your pet!

Many dobermans tend to pull a lot when they are excited to feel the nature or to meet new furry friends. Our harness features No-Pull Design so that you can have better control of your doberman by attaching the leash to the Front Clip. Every time your doberman pulls, he/she got turned around instead of continuing forward and pulling on the leash. Soon your doberman will learn not to pull.

The Approach Pack provides dogs with the ability to efficiently and comfortably carry their own gear, generating instant four-legged motivation to explore. The integrated harness enhances fit, pack stability, and overall performance. Specifically designed saddlebags create a passive compression system that is form-fitting and provides easier, more balanced load carrying for your dog.