Your first 30 days with your new Doberman are big – you need to establish routines, bond with your new buddy, and teach them what being part of your family is going to be like. In our new online course, certified dog behavior consultant Kayla Fratt will take you through the 30 most important things to teach your Doberman in your first 30 days together!


Can Dobermann get along with small Dogs?

Dobermanns are large and strong dogs that are heavy, and when made to live with a small dog, can cause problems. These problems are not done on purpose, but accidents happen. So, when the discussion came about making Dobermanns live in the same house as small dogs, I had to consult some of the dogs, Dobermann, and the small breed owners.


Male vs. Female Doberman: Which is better?

When I put a question in front of experts and dog owners that whether I should keep a male dog or a female, they don't reply it in simple yes or no. I researched male and female Doberman dogs' behaviors and traits, and I realized that particular sex is not suitable for everyone.

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Doberman vs Miniature Pinscher

It sure looks very similar to the Doberman Pinscher and Miniature Pinscher. All are often black with matching brown patterns, both have frequently clipped ears and docked tails, and both have a lean body that is equally toned.

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Shopping List for New Dobermann Puppy

If you are someone who has just adopted a Doberman puppy and have no idea what to buy for him, then you have come to the right page. The products that I have written about are essentials so you do not need to worry about the money you will spend on these.