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Doberman Pinschers are renowned for many things. Their sleek, strong builds give them incredible speed. Their perky ears allow them to be expert guard dogs. And their biting strength is a thing to behold. There is a good reason they are often selected as service dogs by police and military. Dobermans can bite through bone with enough incentive. Their jaws, and by that extension, their teeth are their most used asset as a living thing. So how do you play with something that can chew solid wood into chunks and eat a hole through a sofa?

Well, they’re not that strong, but Dobermans and other dog breeds are known to be unintentionally destructive. When stressed, or bored, or confused and agitated, dogs can take their teeth to anything in reach to vent their emotions, and furniture is usually the first casualty. Then the pillows, and the remote, and anything they can reach from the floor. To prevent this, dogs need toys, because you can’t be there to play with them all day. Since Dobermans have unique biting strength, they need uniquely strong toys to resist against them and stay intact longer. To keep your Doberman entertained and active in a productive, safe way, consider these options:

Pet Treat Dispenser Puzzles 

Dogs are smarter than they look. They can open cupboards, doors and can understand basic language. They have brains that like thinking, and they especially like being rewarded. Some toys have slots to hide treats in. They’ll know its in there and will work it around to get it out. It’ll tire them out, give their brain a work out along with their neck and mouth, and in the end they won’t just be bushed, they’ll be snacking happily on their favorite morsel.

Fetching Balls with your Doberman

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Dobermans can destroy most common balls. Tennis balls are considered lost causes if a Dobie gets its teeth on one. They can even peel off the fuzz around them, and could choke. The preferable throwing toy for a Doberman is full, tough rubber, nothing to peel away and no chance of biting it into pieces. A hard, chunky ball like the Chuck-It Ball  or a weighty but far-flying rubber frisbee are ideal toys for a day out in the park with your dog. They’ll last a long time, but it’s probably safer to stay outside with them.

Heavy Duty Chew-Toys

Strong jaws call for strong bones. Real bones break, snap, and splinter, which cause obvious problems for just about any creature. Doberman teeth and gums are especially susceptible, especially as they get older. That’s why you should invest in a more reliable Dobie-approved kind of stress-relieving chew toy. The Kong Bone is a rubberized dog bone, very durable. Though it’s not impossible to chew a hole in, that’s a problem that’ll only come up after years of use. And, it has slots for snacks or treats to be dispensed. Even healthy ones, like carrots or dog-diet-approved peanut butter.

If you prefer your dog to chew on a real bone and don’t mind the potential mess, the Nylabone brand makes highly durable flavored bones that are non-toxic, dog friendly and they don’t come apart in their mouths. Instead, they form “bristles” as they get chewed. And the Dog doesn’t know that it’s good for them. The motion of chewing combined with the bristling material will clean the deep-set plaque from their teeth. It’s easier than holding their jaws up and brushing for sure.

Not Just for Doggie

There are other animals out there, and they like toys too. Animals that are bigger, heavier, and stronger in certain places than any dog. Animals like Horses also like to play with toys, in particular the Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Ball. But there are no species requirements for having a good time. Dobermans can enjoy the same thing and mostly with the same usage. It’s a super durable kettlebell shaped rubber ball, no inflation needed, that can support the bitting strength and stomping power of a horse. It’s great for outdoor play and a Doberman will love it. They might even break it before a horse could.

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Keep Playtime Safe

It’s all fun and games until your Dobie swallows something that doesn’t make sense. Anything cloth-like is a no go. They’ll shred it up and lick some threads down that don’t like coming out the other end. Same thing with strings, especially plastic ones. Once those rip there’s no second-toss.

Playing is essential for dogs of all sizes and ages. It keeps them active, gives them focus, and relieves their stress. A stress-free dog is a happy dog. Even when you leave the house, you should be at ease knowing your dog won’t start eating your new TV just because it’s there. He should have more important things to chew on instead, ones that he knows are safe because you’ve showed him that they’re okay to chew and play with. Don’t just by a rubberized set of hard-to-ruin bone shaped ornaments. Give them a toss, a wiggle or play some simple tricks to amaze your dog into loving them the way you love him. A playful Doberman is the best kind of Doberman.

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