Best Hygiene and Grooming Products for Dobermans

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Having a pet is not only a source of finding happiness, but it also comes with great responsibility. One has to take care of pets as their family member because they need extreme care and attention. One of the many ways to treat your pet in the right way is their hygiene and grooming. Like humans, they also need a clean environment; otherwise, they can get ill and contaminate other places and people. Fortunately, Dobermans are low maintenance pets in numerous ways, such as they like to stay clean. Unlike other breeds, and they have short coats, which means they shed less amount of hair. But they do face issues regarding dry skin, which makes hygiene a great obligation. 

Below is the list of products that I found extremely useful for Dobermans hygiene and grooming:

  1. A Great Shampoo (Amazon Link): This shampoo is perfect for any Doberman and is recommended by many Doberman owners. The major issue faced by Doberman is that they can get a disease called Demodicosis. Demodicosis is caused when the pet gets too many mites on its body and is not cleaned properly. Although it is not contagious and is located on a specific part of the body, it is painful to the pet as it can result in hair loss and itchiness. This shampoo helps maintain the coat’s smoothness and shine and must be used when bathing.

They should be bathed every six weeks

2. Finest Brush (Amazon Link):The grooming gloves are easy to use and have a remarkable effect on my Doberman. You just have to put them on like ordinary gloves, and you are good to go. Brush them on the entire body of your pet, which makes them feel relaxed and happy. This also reduces the chance of shedding hair, and your pet is good to go within no time.

Their coat should be brushed weekly

  1. Toothcare Products: 
    1. Toothcare kit (Amazon Link): This involves brushes with two different styles; the long toothbrush and small finger brush. The bristles are soft to the gum and clean out every tooth properly. These are great to eliminate plaque and prevents bacterial buildup. The finger brushes are convenient so that when the brush does not reach the sides of the tooth, they can be used to clean your pet’s mouth thoroughly. They are made up of silicon, so they are super soft. 
    2.  Toothpaste (Amazon Link): Enzymatic toothpaste is just amazing. I do not know the taste of the paste, but it is for sure that my Doberman enjoys it a lot. After using it, a minty aroma is produced. But the paste is completely different from the ones we humans use and is completely safe to be used on the pet. This toothpaste is great for eliminating germs from their teeth. Many of Doberman’s users also recommend it.

Brushing their teeth regularly is a major requirement

  1. Ear Cleaning Solution (Amazon Link): This solution works wonders as it is excellent for cleaning ears deeply. It dries up quickly and prevents bacterial growth, foul odors, yellow or brown discharge from the ear, and pain. Other cheap home remedies include using 1-part apple cider vinegar and 1-part spring water. But this product is as good as natural remedies. 
  2. Nail Trimmer Kit (Amazon Link): It is a handy tool for trimming nails as it comes with the option of speed limit control. It also supports the safety of the skin and coarse sand disks needed to soften the edges produced by cutting. 
    1. Powder (Amazon Link): This powder comes with the kit. In case of emergency, it is used to prevent the blood and helps in quick healing.

Their nails should be trimmed monthly

To be honest, taking care of a Doberman is not that difficult as they like to stay clean and cooperate when being bathed. There are some things to take care of others than their hygiene, such as vet examination, vaccination, food, home care, training, spaying, and travel conditions.

  1. Vet examination: It is not compulsory to take your pet to the vet only if they are ill or not behaving properly. Just like human beings, they need special care and should be treated accordingly. You may not know at the start what is causing the change in your pet’s behavior, but when regularly examined, little things that slip our eye would be reviewed by the veterinarian. Such problems include cardiomyopathy. In this condition, the Doberman will not show any symptoms until it is too late because, in this disease, the heart gets enlarged, and breathing difficulty occurs. So, it is recommended to have regular visits to the vet.
  2. Vaccination: Like humans, it is best to get the pet vaccinated as soon as you bring them. Many stray dogs are not healthy, so you need a vet and plan the vaccination schedule. The plan should be followed strictly as some vaccinations, such as rabies, are dictated by state law. Other than that, the health of others is also affected by the pet, so it is better to have them vaccinated, especially in homes where newborn babies live. They also need special care and a proper hygienic environment. 
  3. Food: It is important to give your pet the healthiest food possible. Nowadays, many companies make dog food, whether it be canned, raw, or kibble food. So, when buying food from the market, one should check its ingredients, expiration date and make sure that everything is up to the mark. One more important thing to keep in mind is not to give your pet raw meat as it may make them aggressive for human flesh. So, it is better to provide them with food that is nutritious and fulfills their hidden hunger. They should be given water to drink accordingly to make sure that they stay hydrated.  You can also read our previous article about proper food for your best friend.
  4. Home care: When you bring the pet home, it is your sole responsibility to provide them with the environment they are most comfortable with. If provided with the love they need and their attention, they feel like a family member, and they treat their owners likewise. They should be provided with comfortable bedding and a warm place in winters. Their bedding should be regularly cleaned to prevent any chances of catching a bacterial or parasitic infection. Because unlike humans, their body parts are exposed to surfaces, which increases the chance of getting germs and hence getting sick. 
  5. Training: When someone brings a dog, it isn’t easy to train at first, but it is a significant part of their behavior buildup. For example, toilet training is essential as you have to live in the same house. Then comes treating other than the owner of the house nicely. It does not mean that dog should be nice to thieves but at least to family and friends. So, socializing also need special training. If you want your dog to enjoy it is better to take them out for a walk and play with them by throwing the ball. Dogs love to chase things and bring them back to their owner. 
  6. Spaying: It seems a little cruel but needs to be done as it changes the pet’s actions. It will help to control your pet from roaming around in need of a mate and its aggressive behavior will be controlled. The body also changes because then the body will focus on growth rather than reproductivity. The chances of ovarian cancer are also eliminated.
  7. Travel conditions: It is sometimes ok to leave your dog with the neighbours or your friends house, but only if your pet is comfortable with them. Otherwise, the pet would feel neglected, and it may affect its health. Whenever you take your dog outside by car, make sure to fasten their seat belt as they may get scared or hurt themselves. While traveling, their paws should not hang outside the window because any mishap can happen. It is better to take care than feeling sorry later.

So, to conclude, take responsibility for the pet when you are actually ready to take care of one. Do not do experiments because you have to treat them like your own child. Just like that, you cannot ignore them because they are extremely sensitive and need your attention. Just like a child, they want to feel loved and deserve to be loved. Do your best and note their every behavior because you may lose a really FAITHFUL FRIEND if you do not.