Male vs. Female Doberman: Which is better?

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When I put a question in front of experts and dog owners that whether I should keep a male dog or a female, they don’t reply it in simple yes or no. I researched male and female Doberman dogs’ behaviors and traits, and I realized that particular sex is not suitable for everyone. Male and female Doberman is different in temperament and actions, and the choice of the right sex of Doberman varies from person to person and depends on everyone’s need. If you want to know which sex is better, you should know its particular behavior and analyze if it comes up to your expectations and requirements.

Suppose you ask me which sex you should keep in your home. In that case, I will say that you should keep a female Doberman if you want to have an easily housebroken dog, empathetic with one of the family members, more docile, and suitable for personal protection. But if you want a dog more social to every family member, more playful, and right to protect the whole house territory, you should keep a male Doberman. 

The simple way to understand Doberman’s better choice for you is to comprehend both the sexes’ characteristics. In helping you solve this confusion, I have written a comprehensive comparison of the Dobermans so that you will feel comfortable having that sex in your home that suits your temperament and your home environment.

So sit back and get to know this unique dog breed.

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Physical Difference


Male and female Doberman is challenging to differentiate just based on physical appearance. They look similar in pictures. As far as physical traits are concerned male Dobermans are bulky in size with a more muscular mass on the body. Males are usually 10-15 lb heavier than females. One can make a difference between the two by observing them both in front of the eyes. Males are a bit heightened than females.


Females have a sharp and elegant appearance, and they look lovely. They are almost 2 inches shorter than males. Usually, they have less body weight and body mass. They are generally adored because of their slim and sharp appearance. They are 10-15 lb less in weight than males.

Temperamental Difference


People prefer male Doberman because of their goofy nature and that they are more social with all people. They play around all day and are cool even with strangers. They don’t stick around as female Doberman does and give some space to you. They are energetic and can amuse your children for a more extended period. They are so fun-loving and playful that sometimes it becomes difficult to get them focused on training.

There is a plus point in training male Doberman that they feel excited to follow the instructions and the pleasure they get after completing the task makes them eager to complete more tasks. Along with being fun-loving, they are a little clumsy too. Sometimes they get weird because of their care-free attitude, which includes letting mud inside the home and drooling water all over the floor after drinking. Their goofy nature also makes them weird sometimes.

You can do well with a neutered male Doberman as he is less aggressive.

Testosterone makes your dog develop the right muscles that are very useful for protecting the territory. This testosterone also makes them aggressive and stubborn sometimes, and they don’t listen to you. Constant production of testosterone gets them excited and drives them to become violent when they experience something uncomfortable. Their aggression can be very useful if you use them for guarding purposes, but it may be dangerous as well, for your family members and especially children.


If you ask me which sex of Doberman you should keep for the first time, I will suggest you have a female Doberman. There is a reason behind this suggestion that females have a sober temperament about everything they do. They are very focused on obeying the instructions the same as you tell, making them different from male dogs. They intensely follow whatever you tell them to do. Because of this trait, you can train a female dog way too early than a male dog. You can trust female Doberman to stay at home alone and not do anything wrong at the age of 2 years.

Female Dobermans are more attached to one family member at a time, and they get obsessed with that person. They usually don’t let that person go away from them. They love to cuddle and get over with that person. The plus point in their possessiveness is that they become protective and don’t let anything happen to their loved ones. It can be dangerous as well, sometimes when they go violent or become over-protective.

Their possessive nature doesn’t provide space for another one to come close. They sometimes become violent to strangers. They even require a little more time to open up in a dog park. Also, they are more sophisticated and serious. In contrary to male Doberman, they took cleanliness very seriously. They take care of dust on the body and do not rush before drinking water up to their thirst to avoid drooling all over the house floor. They do not have sex-aggression issues, contrary to male Dobermans.

Doberman owners who keep both male and female dogs tell that female Dobermans are a bit more moody and emotional. As attached to the owner, this emotional creature is easy to housebreak because of its intense, focused nature. They listen to the instructions carefully and perform the task responsibly. It will be useful to housebreak them with a softer attitude while guiding and instructing as they are vigilant to listen and follow the instructions. 

You can have the best experience with a female Doberman as your first pet.

dobermanarea female and male doberman



Male Dobermans are a fun-loving and high-spirited creature. They get distracted easily while training, so they take much longer to be housebroken than female Dobermans. At an early age, male Doberman is not easy to get and train because you need to struggle to get his attention as he indulges in other fun activities rather than training.

You may get into trouble while you let them on off-leash training. Some Doberman owners do not see this distraction as an issue because they know their fun-loving vigilant behavior. Male Dobermans are energetic and responsive, and they crave their owner’s pleasure after completing the task provided.


Famous for their maturity and intense focus are female Dobermans that are very easy to train at an early age. They are close to their owner and much quicker to respond to instructions; therefore, they get trained at the age of 2 years while male Dobermans are introduced to this level at the age of 4 years. You can confidently let them at home alone at the age of 2 when they are fully potty-trained. They are more docile and calm, so you can trust them to play with kids but under your supervision because you can’t take any risk with your kids.

Their sensitive nature keeps them in-tune with their owner’s emotions, and this is a plus point that makes them trained so early.

For Guarding

It is difficult to differentiate which sex is a better guard dog as Dobermans are specifically bred for this purpose. They are excellent in their work, and no one can beat them in guarding. They are well-known for their agility, skeptical nature, a sense of danger, and physical strength that force you to choose no other breed but Doberman. But to answer this specific question, you may again need to determine which type of guard you want for yourself. I will provide you with the specialty of each sex to guard, and you need to decide which will suit you better.

Male Doberman

  • More muscular strength
  • Can bite with extreme strength
  • Good at protecting an entire territory
  • Intended to protect a specific area or person from other dogs

Female Doberman

  • More vigilant and responsive 
  • Learns quickly
  • More skeptical for danger
  • Quick in action
  • Better safeguard a specific person
  • Not intended to protect a territory


Dobermans are an extraordinary breed that is easily adaptable, just as you expect. With a little bit of attention and effort, you can housebreak them as efficiently as possible. Therefore it is difficult to describe which Doberman sex is better for you as this breed is very excellent. There is only a minor difference between male and female Doberman. These differences add up in their list of traits, more expertise, and qualities. The most exciting thing about this article is that it can’t strictly dictate you to select one sex as the qualities of one sex do not outnumber others’ qualities.

I described these differences as only the minor sex-differences, and you should feel comfortable while choosing between any of them as they both are fantastic.  When finally decided, you should read our latest article about Doberman food and Doberman hygiene and grooming products to get ready for your first doberman puppy.