Cool Tech Gear and Gift Ideas for Doberman Owners

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Technology is improving every passing minute. Some may not believe it, but that is the truth. Every second new idea generates in the whole world, and new projects are developed to work on. This technology makes our life easier in so many ways, but there are millions of products out there that are fun to try when it comes to dogs. Such cool gadgets can be given to the dog owner for the dog or the owner himself. I have tried all the products because I like to do experiments with my Dobermann and look for something new, which makes him happy. Following is the list of products which I bought, and some are gifts given to me. These products have passed my liking, and I want to recommend every Dobermann owner out there to try these. Do not forget to check our Instagram and TikTok.

Cool Tech Gear for your Dobermann

The first one on my list is Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar. Well, I would want every dog owner to have this to gift them if they don’t have one. It greatly helps in training your dog.

  1. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar:

If you want your dog to run around without a leash in a park or at a friend’s house, or you want to train him without having to shout at him, this product will make all of those easier for you. This product contains two parts; the first is the collar which your dog will wear, and the second is the remote which you will hold. This device has a range of ½ mile to control your dog’s actions while being in your sight. It is a non-shocking collar, which is the reason I like it the most. Why would someone want to shock their dog because it is such an inhumane thing to do. This alarms your dog by vibrating. The controller in your hand controls the level of vibrations. If it is an emergency, you can increase the level, or if you want to warn him or stop him from something, you decrease the level. It has 100 different levels, which is not found in other cheaper devices. They usually have 3 to 4 levels, which means that the vibration level would be higher at the first level, and thus it is the same as giving shock to your Dobermann. It also has an LED light, which makes your dog visible at nighttime. This product is a little expensive than the rest, but it is worth spending the money on.

  1. Anti-bark Collar:

The first product which I recommended was for more than barking problems. This product deals with barking issues only. It does not involve any remote control; you have to put the collar on your dog, and he is good to go. It has rechargeable batteries, and its battery life is 14 days. What else does one want than to have it on their dog’s neck and not worry for 14 days that the battery will die. Its battery will recharge within 2-3 hours, and then for 14 days, you don’t have to worry about charging it again. It detects the bark and beeps once, but when the barking continues, the beeps and vibrations start with subsequent barking. This will significantly help when the dog is alone at home and hence will not disturb the neighbors or probably will not disturb you when you are sleeping.

This product works wonders on your dog and is an excellent device for you as well. It has a one-way video calling feature, and you can easily talk to your dog whenever you want as it has a 160-degree wide-angle for your ease. This also comes with a barking alert so that when your little one barks, you can immediately check on him and see what is bothering him. Then you can talk to him and ease him out of the problem. You can also toss him a treat when he is barking, and he will behave because we all know that dogs would do anything for a treat from their owners. It also has a feature that detects when someone else is at your home. It contains a feature called dog activity alert. You can see when your dog is overactive, and when he sits in front of the camera, you can always take the picture. 

  1. PetChatz HD/PawCall:

Although this product does not have so many ratings, it is a finer version of the product mentioned above. It has a two-way video and audio calling feature. There is a little mouse-like remote for your Dobermann, which he can press and call you whenever he wants. This means that you will be getting a lot of calls during work. But you can always hide the remote as it is up to you. Dobermanns are extremely intelligent, so they will quickly learn that all they have to do is press the mouse when they have to call. The rest of the features are the same as the above product. The owner will have to get a DOGTV subscription, which is free, after installing the device at home. It is effortless to install and weighs less than 100 lb. It also contains an aromatherapy feature, which your Doberman will love. 

BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning, Automatic Indoor Dog Potty for Puppies and Small Dogs:

This product is a dream come true for dog owners who worry about cleaning their dogs’ poop or fear accidents happening in the house. Your dog can poop, and it automatically dries the poop on the pad and then rolls it in the dispenser. The app can control it on your phone, or you can manually push the button on its side panel and let the machine do the work. After one week, all you have to do is dispense the used roll containing waste and insert a new one. You have to take out the roll, and there is no issue with taking the pads out of the roll because it is 80% less plastic, and the core is biodegradable. It also absorbs the odor of the poop and keeps your house free of foul smells. 

The only problem with this product is that it is made for small dogs and puppies. You can use it for your puppy Dobermann, but you will train him to potty at a different spot when he is an adult. 

  1. Whistle 3 / GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor:

This is a genius app for checking the location of your dog. The GPS tracker shows the location of your dog on the map. You can also set a safe area for your dog through its app on the mobile. So, whenever the dog leaves that place, you can track his location. It has many other features as health notifications by which you can monitor your dog’s health and look for any problems. You will have to subscribe and pay monthly fees, which are not that expensive. It does not require any special connection, but WI-FI is essential for this to work. Its battery life is seven days and is waterproof. 

  1. iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs:

This is a fun device for your Dobermann and you. If you want to rest, just set it for your Dobermann, and they will play for hours without disturbing you. It launches the ball, which your dog will bring, and place it back in the whole. This is designed for big dogs and can be played indoors and outdoor, depending on your Doberman mood. You can set the length at which it will throw the ball 10, 25, or 40 ft. It also contains a rechargeable battery.

It also has a sensor that detects someone in the line of sight and does not throws the ball, so your dog doesn’t get hurt. 

This treadmill is perfect for the owner when he comes home tired from work but still has to walk his dog. All you have to do is turn it on, and your dog will run whenever he wants to. Dobermanns love to exercise and get frustrated when they cannot dispose of their energy. So, by having this treadmill, you can walk your dog whenever you find it comfortable. It has safety panels on the side, so you don’t have to worry about him slipping from the sides. One can easily fold and place it in the store. So, you don’t have to get out of the house for that last walk for your Dobermann. 

  1. Cooling Dog Bed:

Dobermanns get pretty heated during the summer season and need something to cool them down. It is not always possible to shower them, so this bed is just what you need. It has a cooling gel, which is excellent and maintains the body temperature of your Doberman. This orthopedic bed provides support to all dog ages and for the ones with arthritis and joints problems. 

Give these gifts to the dog owners, and believe me, they will love these. These all are very thoughtful gifts that reduce the dog’s stress and the owner himself when he/she won’t be at home to look after their dog or in other problems.