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If you are someone who has just adopted a Doberman puppy and have no idea what to buy for him, then you have come to the right page. The products that I have written about are essentials so you do not need to worry about the money you will spend on these. Whatever you will pay is exactly what is required by your new family member. With time, you will need things that you will require as a Doberman owner, but for now, let’s focus on the basics.

Doberman Puppy Fundamental Elements

  1. Puppy Food (Amazon Link): This puppy food, in my opinion, is the best food for puppies. It has all the nutrients required for a puppy to build his joints and maintain a healthy life. As the chicken is the number one ingredient in this formula, it is high in protein content, helping in muscle development. Purina ONE is also recommended by veterinarians.
  2. Puppy Treats (Amazon Link): Your new puppy is going to love this treat. These are tasty and have DHA (omega 3 fatty acid), a fundamental element for a growing puppy. This product is free from all artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. And that is just what you want for your little one.
  3.  Leash and Collar: I would not recommend spending dollars on some fancy leash and collar because the puppy will outgrow within now time, and this leash will move to trash. This Puppy Harness and Leash set is cheaper and would be enough to secure your puppy when needed. It is specially made for small dogs with adjustable and reflective straps. 
  4. Toys: Toys are essential for your Doberman. The more you have, the better otherwise, you will find them chewing on your furniture, which is not suitable for their health and the beauty of your house. These toys need to be replaced when they are worn out. Well, if your puppy loves a specific toy, you cannot throw it away. But if he gets bored with the toys, you will have to replace them. Look for easy to wash and heat resistant toys because you do not want your little one to get ill because of germs. After washing, if possible, to sanitize, that’s why heat resistance would be better to boil them before giving them back to the puppy. We advise you also to read our last article, which is more detailed on toys.
  5. Food and Water Bowls: It is better to get your puppy silicone bowls because when they are hungry or thirsty, they tend to eat faster, and during this, they rub their chin a lot with the edges of the bowl. This may cause irritation or redness. One more thing to consider is to use slow feeder bowls to prevent choking and bloating by eating too fast. These bowls are BPA free. To find out more about food, you can read our latest article about the best food for dobermans.
  6. Crate (Amazon Link): These are essential for potty training or when you have to leave your puppy at home. There are covers that you can get to make sure the puppy does not feel scared. The only thing to keep in mind is that you may need to change the crate when your puppy grows because he will be cramped in that tiny space. Or maybe you should buy crates with adjustable sizes, so you have to invest once, and the crate will grow along with your puppy. 
  7.  Puppy Pen (Amazon Link): Playpens are required when your puppy wants to sleep but remains with the rest of the family members so you can provide him with such a confined space where he feels safe. You can put your puppy in it, and he will play or sleep while you carry on with household chores. This playpen is best in so many ways as it is portable and can be placed in outdoor areas. 
  8. Bed  (Amazon Link): Other than the crate, puppies need a place in the house to sleep, so they feel part of the family and not someone who has to sit in a specific area all day. This bed is exceptionally cozy, and your Dobermann will feel comfortable while sleeping in it. Ensure that it is satisfied; otherwise, a restless night will have an adverse effect on the puppy’s mood. This product can be washed in the machine, so you will not have to worry about getting it dry cleaned and spending more money. Well, your puppy will outgrow this bed, and you might change it when the time comes.
  9. Pee Pads (Amazon Link): This is a major requirement when an untrained puppy comes to your house. You might have to leave him alone for some time to prevent an accident; it is better to have pee pads lying around. Just buy pads that absorb quickly and are leak-proof. 
  10. Shampoo (Amazon Link):  This shampoo is best for your puppy as it is made up of natural ingredients that soothe and soften the puppy’s skin. One important thing to consider has a tear-free shampoo; otherwise, it may irritate the little one’s eyes. This shampoo is a conditioner as well, so you can enjoy aspects of one product. It is safe for all dogs as it is pH balanced and is recommended by many veterinarians.
  11. Stain and Odor Eliminator (Amazon Link): It is safe to have this spray even before you brought your puppy home. It is a psychological issue with Dobermanns that they will pee immediately when they smell anywhere; they have peed in the past. Maybe they will not get into this situation, but it is better to take care of this issue beforehand. This spray contains enzymatic bacteria, which work as soon as they hit the odor area. This way, your house will remain clean, and your puppy will not smell his old pee and hence will not be triggered to go again.

Guideline for a perfect crate setup

To do so, you have to keep in mind the following things that make the crate a happy place for your Dobermann. 

  1. The size of the crate should be perfect, not too big, and not too small.
  2. Place bedding inside so it will feel comfortable.
  3. You can also place a toy inside the crate.
  4. Never punish by sending them to the crate; otherwise, they will start to hate the crate and not feel happy. 
  5. Cover the three sides so they will not get scared.

Guideline for the pen set up

If you want a portable pen, then you can check the link above, but if you want it just for the home, you can buy this puppy pen

  1. Place this pan on a surface that is easy to clean, like tiled floors, etc.
  2. Insert bedding and pee pads. But you will have to train him to understand which is a pee pad and the bedding so your dog can pee while you are gone and sleep on the bedding.
  3. Place a few toys inside so he can play and does not gets bored. 

Finding a Veterinarian 

One of the major things which cannot be on the shopping list, but you have to have them, is to choose a veterinarian. Before finalizing which vet, you will do a little research and look for vets nearby. Because in emergency cases, you cannot wait long enough for your puppy to get treated, the first thing you have to do for your safety and the safety of the puppy is to get him checked. To make sure that he has no allergies or is not carrying some pathogens that can contaminate your home. When the checkup is done, plan a schedule with the vet for a regular checkup of the puppy. Just like human babies, puppies are also sensitive and can carry diseases. 

It would help if you also planned the schedule for vaccinations for rabies and other diseases stated by the law. The vet will also examine the puppy for any genetic disorders, and your puppy might treat those. The best way to do so is to get his DNA tested. This way, the treatments will be easy, and you will know what the problems are if your puppy had any. This way, you will learn how to keep your puppy healthy in the upcoming years.

Be Patient

I know it is a lot of work when it comes to puppies. Just consider it as taking care of a newborn baby. As you cannot give up on your child, do not give up on the puppy as well. It is extremely hard work, but in the end, this hard work will pay off. This breed is a quick learner and is loyal to its owners. They are good at defending their owners. They are also said to be the 5th smartest breeds among dogs. So hang in there, and you enjoy the times when they will grow and love you back. That is the best feeling ever.

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