Can a Doberman Live with a German shepherd?

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It is adorable to have dogs as your friend as they fill the space in your life and provide security benefits. For security concerns, the dogs that come into our minds are German shepherd and Doberman. People are well aware of their extraordinary skills to provide protection, and they prefer to keep these breeds because of their loving nature with their owners. Both the dog species are similar in characteristics and skills, and therefore some people want to have both in the same house. Both species are beautiful and playful, and possessive to such an extent that they always get attached emotionally with one of the family members.

The simple answer to whether they can live in the same house peacefully or not is yes! They can have a good bond with each other, providing that they are well trained to be socialized. Their training matters a lot in this respect. German shepherd and Doberman can live with each other and with other pets when you train them well to be sophisticated and socialized and counter their aggressiveness with obedience training. It is best to have opposite genders; a male German shepherd and a female Doberman or vice versa. It will help manage the aggressiveness issues related to sex. You can further reduce sex-related aggressiveness by keeping both the dogs with the prominent age difference.

How to make them both live together

German shepherd and Doberman both show a set of similar behavioral traits. The German shepherd is specifically bred to protect the sheep flock. Providing security is in its innate. It can get excited if he/she sees approaching someone towards the owner suspiciously. The same, like a German shepherd, is Doberman; his innate is to protect his owner at any cost. They often get possessive of their owner, which results in belligerence. They need proper training to identify a real threat; otherwise, they may attack your friend who is only having fun with you. You should train them to differentiate between normal human behaviors and real danger.

Aggression issues

Sex aggression is the main issue you need to sort out between them. Both the dogs need obedience training to teach them communal behaviors of living sophistically with each other and members of society. The other thing you can do to alleviate their aggressiveness is neutering/spaying. Neutering/spaying serves to eliminate sex-aggression and prevent them from many other hazards as well. It will prevent them from free-roaming and showing excitement after seeing their sex-mate.

There are other critical similarities and differences between the two that you need to take care of to have the best experience with these two amazing friends.


You would be doubtful if you observe German shepherd’s and Doberman’s behavioral traits and learning responses, and you will find no significant differences if you neglect their physical appearance. Many dog lovers call the shepherd a Doberman with extensive hair.

Dog lovers consider these two breeds highly intelligent. They learn very fast. You can teach them many attacking skills that can save you in unfortunate circumstances. Dobies are good to keep in a family as they love children and get attached to the family members. Might even try to resolve the quarrel among family members. They get stressed in uncomfortable situations and may get violent. It will help if you fix their tendency to become violent as you want to keep them as a family member. They need more socialization training to avoid belligerent behaviors.

They are physically very active and need at least one hour of exercise daily. Two hours of activity will be better. People keep them as protectors of the family as some people believe they have the extraordinary ability to sense danger. 


German shepherds are famous for their flock managing trait as they were bred specifically for this purpose. They have the innate character to obey as we ask them. Unlike the German shepherd, Doberman does not strictly follow the instructor; instead, he first thinks of himself and tries some easy way of doing that work.

Due to extensive hair on the skin, the German shepherd can manage cold better as compared to Doberman. Both the fellows behave differently outside; Doberman wants more attention and closeness with you, so he walks side by side, whereas the German shepherd tends to wander away, trying to observe independently. 

German shepherds are less attentive to their owners as compared to Doberman. Comparing both the breeds, Doberman tries to get closer to you and needs your emotional care. He finds comfort laying over to you and loves to cuddle, showing more attachment. Contrary to that, we do not see the German shepherd expressing so much devotion to the owner; instead, he is more comfortable staying a little bit away to give some privacy to you and him. Dobermans are more synchronized with the owner’s emotions, and their intelligence further adds taste to it; they have become a lovely choice for people.

Let puppies grow together

Experts advise keeping both the dog breeds together when they are small, knowing their learning capabilities and social conduct. Puppies have fewer interaction problems as compared to young dogs. They are docile and friendly like human kids and love to interact and play with each other. At a young age, they do not experience sex-related quarrels and competition. They are very easy to train to avoid any uncomfortable situations between the two. 

As they grow, it is very much likely that they express sex-aggression as their normal hormonal drive forces them to be dominant over the other. At this point, you should teach them how to behave socially. Training to receive command and obey is very necessary. You need to prepare them on two grounds; first, to follow the owner and second to behave nicely with each other and with the family. Puppies can very easily complete the training exactly as you expect from them.

I have heard many interesting comments from dog owners who keep both German Shepherds and Doberman, and they narrate in an exciting way that these two dogs are very helpful with each other living in the same house and teaching each other. They say Dobie always bark over the shepherd while going to the bathroom as a trick to give potty training to his fellow. Shepherd always takes care of his fellow Dobie to reach back home whenever his owner calls, and you know how expert is a shepherd in leading and taking care if it is a sheep flock or his fellow.

There is much more to know about the similarities and differences. Still, it may not be helpful because the most important thing to learn is the dog’s individual behavior and temperament. Each dog is different, and you should be smart to choose the dog that does not give you a tough time training him social etiquette and managing his aggression. Your right choice can save you from a lot of effort as you should choose a less aggressive, more docile, and obedient dog. 

Training a German shepherd and a Doberman together will be trouble-free when you know their moods and nature. Here are some individual qualities summarized in a way that will help judge them better.

Doberman’s nature you should know

Being an intelligent breed, they are very keen to learn, and you will be surprised to know that they will get bored if you do not engage them in activities that use their intelligence. Being very tender towards the owner, they require your presence and attention. Both these qualities suggest you smartly handle your dog utilizing these qualities in your favor as you know that more attached will listen carefully. They are affectionate to such an extent that they get anxious if you stay away from them. They are bred for protection purposes, so their anxiety issue can be very dangerous for you.

German shepherd’s nature you should know

A German shepherd and a Doberman share many similar traits, yet they have their own issues. Both learn very well at an early age, and they need a lot of socialization training to adjust to society. They may be very nippy like many other puppies their age. Also both require extensive training or they will dominate you. While training, they need clear directions to learn their lesson as you want them to. 

As you know, both these dogs are fantastic in their traits and beauty that make you keep them in the same house; you need to keep a few things in mind, like being choosy while you take them home and making a lot more effort in their early age to train them as much likely as you want. There are significantly fewer chances to see trouble issues between the two and with the family if you give proper compliance training and socialization training to keep them happy and comfortable with each other.

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